Making the commitment to complete the 30 Day Challenge can be one of the most rewarding adventures of your life! 30 Days of a consistent yoga practice will transform the way you look, act and feel and act as a powerful catalyst for change in your life. During the challenge, we want to keep you connected so be sure to check your emails and come to our events!


Cost: $169 or $69 for Auto-Renew Monthly Members!
Price Includes:
  • 30 days of unlimited yoga at both locations
  • Newsletters & daily inspirational emails
  • 15% off Registered Massage & Thai Massage Services
  • 1 Free class pass to bring a friend
  • Weekly mini challenges for lots and lots of great prizes
  • Completion party 

Sign up online today!



Attending challenger workshops and meetings are OPTIONAL and count towards your 30 classes!



What classes do I take?


Mix it up! Try classes you normally wouldn't attend. Get out of your comfort zone and you may be surprised at the styles of yoga you end up falling in love with. This experience will challenge your body, mind and time management skills. Keep believing in yourself - you can do this!


What classes do I take?


Any class on our schedule counts! To be fair to all challengers, practice at home or another studio will not count.


How do I track my classes?


Each time you finish a class, put a sticker in the row beside your name on the board by the desk.


What if I miss a day?


Double up! Take 2 classes in 1 day and earn a 2nd sticker for the missing day. If you get behind and can't catch up, don't get frustrated and give up. This is a personal challenge so completing 17 classes is still a success!


What if the class is full?


Classes during the challenge are busy. Arrive at least 20mins early or sign up online to reserve your spot!


What about the other prizes?


We have lots of other goodies up our sleeves for the Completion Party however, only those present will get a chance to win!