Path of the Enlightened Ones Intensive

July 13-19 from 9:00-1:00pm


  • Challenge yourself with 7 days of 4 hour master classes, which combine the knowledge and wisdom of ashtanga yoga asana mysore, meditation, pranayama, restorative and yoga nidra practices.
  • All combined into a format that helps the student develop a solid personal practice.
  • Each day’s focus will follow the chakra system, as an expression of understanding our consciousness on the spiritual path back towards source, below you will find a short description of each day's focus: 

    Day 1: Chakra #1: Foundation & Source
    Anything and everything in existence can be mastered when you experience the truth of who you are. Once your mind is absorbed in the unbounded nature of pure consciousness, you are no longer upset by the play of opposites. This is living from the source of lasting happiness – the source of power, freedom, and grace. 

    Day 2: Chakra #2: Creativity & Flow
    When our life is an expression of the inner state of happiness, we discover an immense reservoir of power within us. This power gives us freedom from fear and limitations, and allows us to realize all the abundance that we aspire to. People are drawn to support our desires, and even nature responds to our intentions. 

    Day 3: Chakra #3: Manifesting Wholeness
    There is no difference between what is happening in your inner world and what is happening in your outer world. The world is a mirror of your mind, and your mind is a mirror of the world. But you are neither your mind nor the world; you are the creator both. 

    Day 4: Chakra #4: Power & Healing
    Power is the ability to manifest anything you want, including any reality that you want to experience. Real power comes from the essence of infinity, which is your source; it comes from the source for all power, the one Being. In the vast ocean of infinite consciousness there is infinite power, and it is yours on demand. 

    Day 5: Chakra #5: Freedom & Faith
    Freedom implies acceptance, letting come what comes and letting go what goes. Freedom implies letting go of the known and having the willingness and confidence to step into the great unknown in every moment of your life. 

    Day 6: Chakra #6: Grace & Intuition
    Grace is the effortless flow of existence that comes when you are living in harmony with life, when the rhythms of your body-mind are in synch with nature’s rhythms. To live in grace is to experience that state of consciousness where things flow and your desires are easily fulfilled. 

    Day 7: Chakra #7: Infinite
    Just allow the universe, the infinite, to express itself through you without inferring. Allow the infinite to see itself through you, to think itself through you, to experience itself through you. At the deepest level of your being, you are already powerful and free. When universal intelligence is flowing through you without interference, your life flows with effortless ease. This is the experience of grace.


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