Workshop Contract / Agreement Workshop Procedure:



1. Submit application online with all the necessary information filled. *To the best of your ability, submit ALL required info in ONE email.
2. Please submit all required information 6 weeks prior to workshop date.
3. PLEASE NOTE: Management may attend the workshop for free.




De La Sol will receive all payments for your workshop through online store sales and in studio sales. After the total sales are calculated the profit is then divided into a 70 / 30% split. 70% to the teacher of the workshop and 30% to the studio.


De La Sol offers specific groups of people a discount off the price of all workshops:

-De La Sol Teachers: 30% | Sub Teachers 10% | Teacher Trainees: 20% | Energy Exchangers: 13% | Auto-Pay Members: 10% 

The 70% / 30% split of total sales will be on the total monies received, including any / all discounts given to the above noted groups.

De La Sol cannot provide a cheque on the date of the workshop. Teachers will receive payment by cheque or e-transfer when the next pay cycle occurs and after all the calculations have been finalized.



De La Sol, will be responsible for the following:


  • Marketing it through our social network: Facebook and Twitter, at least 10 post per workshop
  • Advertise it through at least 2 of our newsletter (with over 14,000 contacts)
  • Advertise it on our website: under workshops and events webpage
  • We will design the poster, print it & post at the studio, at least 4 will be printed
  • Teachers will announce the workshop after classes when the workshop approaches
  • Process payment online (with our software) and in studio
  • Absorb the cost of credit card processing fees
  • Provide the room
  • Provide an energy exchanger to sign students into the workshop, then clean the studio and lock up afterward. This EE has the option of taking the workshop for free.


As the Teacher of the workshop you are responsible for the following:


Complete in full the workshop application form
Promote the workshop through your personal/work social media
Write an email template (if required) to be sent to Katie to send to targeted students 

Provide 7 facebook posts in the application below. Keep them short, concise and impactful! TIP: Give little details about the workshop that aren't included in the description. A 1-2min personal video is great too.
Provide a photo for the poster. Must be a high resolution and not copyrighted. If you don't have one, let us know and we will find one for you.
Provide handouts or any other material (if needed). Note if there is an extra cost for students for this, it must be included in the workshop description. 
Run an outstanding, high quality workshop!
Hand out feedback forms at the end of the workshop that participants are to fill out anonymously and hand back to the front desk for Katie and yourself to review together.


Cancelation/Postponement Policy:


The workshop will be canceled if mutually agreed upon. It will only be canceled or postponed if there are 3 or less people signed up (unless the facilitator is ok with teaching few students) and can be canceled no less than 48 hours (2 days) prior to the event.

If the workshop is canceled/postponed, participants will be contacted by our De La Sol Staff.

Workshop participants must pay at the time of enrollment. Unpaid enrollment is not allowed.

If a registrant cancels more than 24 hours before the workshop, they can receive a credit on their account. The teacher is not paid for this person.

If a registrant cancels less than 24 hours before the workshop, they do not receive a credit or refund. The teacher is paid for this person.

We will review workshop applications as they are received. Please give 5 days for review of content and dates available.



Workshop Application