Yoga Advisor



At De La Sol we understand that as new students to yoga practice, it’s common that questions, concerns and apprehensions arise! We want to support all of our students and have Chris Nguyen as our in house, Yoga Advisor.


Chris' role as the Yoga Advisor at De La Sol is to help you figure out where to start your journey into yoga and to answer any questions about the different types of classes, any injuries you might have, our memberships and studio facilities. Chris' goal is to help new students settle in and find the right classes and memberships to suit their individual goals and needs.


Meet Chris Nguyen


Chris began his journey at De La Sol in 2010 and went on to become part of our Energy Exchange program and subsequently part of De La Sol's management staff. With growing curiousity for the practice of yoga, Chris decided to enrolled in De La Sol's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and continues to learn from Katie and other senior teachers.

Now, Chris teaches at the studio regularly and strives to make yoga accessible for everybody- physically, spiritually and mentally.


Chris' Teaching Schedule: 


Thursday 12pm: Hot Flow 1

Sunday 10am: Vinyasa Flow 1 *Community Class



Help me get started!


All Yoga Advisor services are complimentary! 


If you are a new student or would like to become a new student at De La Sol contact Chris with any questions or concerns you may have.


If you are a current student and want to discuss what to do after your intro special ends, discuss any injuries, changing class levels, private instruction or upcoming workshops or events feel free to contact Chris!