Katie McClelland

Katie McClelland has been teaching yoga full time since 1997. She likes to joke that she was certified to teach yoga while still in the womb, as her mother went through yoga teacher training while pregnant with her! Katie’s roots are in ashtanga yoga and she derives inspiration from many styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Iyengar, Anusara and Kundalini.
Katie is the founder of De La Sol Yoga Studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada which first opened in 2006 and expanded to a second location in Waterdown. She is the host of Yoga With Katie, a 30min instructional yoga show which airs six days a week and is seen by 900,000 viewers. Recently, Katie has been speaking out at high schools and recovery centers about her history of drug addiction and ongoing journey towards wellness and wholeness. She is currently working on her first book, a memoir titled Waking Up.

Katie McClelland instructs the following:
  • 30 Day Challenge - Mastering the Flow
  • Join owner / director Katie McClelland as you perfect your vinyasa! Tricks and tips for making plank, push-up, upward and downward dog accessible and enjoyable! Jumping back, forward and through to seated will be covered!
    This workshop is ALL LEVELS and is included for all 30 day challengers! $20 for non challengers.

  • 30 Day Challenge - Radical Self Love
  • Wednesday Oct 24, 7-8pm
    The number one thing holding the vast majority of us back from living our best lives, is the deep rooted belief that we are somehow unworthy of a beautiful life; that we are inferior to others; that we struggle more than others struggle, and that we are inherently flawed. Without learning to love yourself, without truly making friends with yourself, you will never be able to blossom into your full potential, relax into your life and enjoy the blessings that are all around you. In this workshop, learn practical, instantaneous ways of  improving your relationship with yourself and FINALLY put ‘self-love’ into practice!
    FREE for 30 Day Challengers
    Not doing the challenge? Join us for $20

  • Exalted Life Course
  • Join Katie McClelland and Claudia Bauman for a 10 week journey towards leading your most fulfilling life EVER!!
    There is no journey more fascinating or healing than the journey back to your heart, where you are invited to fall in love with all yourself and your life as things are in this very moment, without needing to fix or change anything.
    From this place of love and acceptance, learn to powerfully scale up your life to heights and depths you couldn't have imagined for yourself! Let Katie and Claudia walk this path with you and show you the way towards healing, joy and ultimate fulfilment using the 7 Essential Realms explored in depth in the Exalted Life Course. 
    What sets this course apart from countless others is that this is NOT just another example of listening to inspiring philosophies and concepts.
    First, they help you measure where you are at in a specific Realm. Then, they give you science backed strategies for elevating to the next level. Lastly, they infuse you with inspiration, motivation, self worth and excitement to sustain this new, higher vibration so you can KEEP RISING!!
    Katie and Claudia use their own history of healing trauma using these methods as well as tools of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, affirmations and more to create the life of their dreams! 
    10 week online or in-person course includes DEEP DIVES into:
    Radical Self Love
    Deep Reprogramming
    Creating Your Vibe
    Building Your Tribe
    Sweet Indulgences - Life as a sweet celebration!
    Inner and Outer Wealth - Abundance in action
    Selfless Service - service with joy
    Highest Destiny - Keep the momentum and fulfill your LIFE'S PURPOSE!!

    The course includes:week-by-week guides and soul work, access to an exclusive Facebook mastermind, weekly live Question & Answer period with Katie McClelland and Claudia Bauman, weekly inspirations delivered straight to your inbox. One on one personal communication with Katie and Claudia and MORE!!

    Things to know...

    You have two options, online or 'in-person'
    Online is $999 and includes:
    Weekly 60-90 min slideshows delivered to your inbox
    Soul Work assignments
    Weekly live Q&A sessions with Katie and Claudia
    Over sixty, 1, 5 and 10 min videos with meditations, breath practices, yoga sequences and discourses
    1 in-person/skype/phone mentoring session with either Katie or Claudia
    Voxer support (a voice message app for communication)
    Access to a closed Facebook group where the group can post and support one another
    Two 'Tribe Gatherings' to celebrate the growth and breakthroughs!
    In-person is $1499 and includes all of the above PLUS a live presentation of each week's topic followed by Q&A, held at the Hamilton location in the Exalted Room.
    You keep the slideshows, videos and live Q&A recordings for life!
    Email mentorship@myexaltedlife.com for more info or to register