Jake Butchart

Jake Butchart is a Certified Body Ascension Breath facilitator and the owner at Lungs Of Love. His love and passion for breath work started in February 2017 after he attended his first breathing workshop. Experiencing the incredible power and healing abilities that conscious breathing brings, he was instantly hooked and knew this was his calling. After spending the rest of the year building and re-building his personal practice with breath, he was called to jump on the first plane he could find headed to Grande Prairie, Alberta where he was taught and certified by the founder of the Body Ascension Lens, Ms. Angela Ditch.

Jake gives thanks to Conscious Breathing for literally turning his life around. He has experienced first hand the benefits of breathing to reduce anger, stress, anxiety as well as an eating disorder. It is his intention to share his knowledge and bring ease and clarity to his friends, family and students. If you have any questions about Body Ascension Breathing and how it can enhance your life, or would like to learn more about the benefits of Conscious Breathing in general, feel free to contact Jake at lungsoflovebreathing@gmail.com or by visiting www.lungsoflove.com

"We all have a breath, but not many of us use it!"

Jake Butchart instructs the following:
  • Body Ascension Breath Workshop
  • Saturday November 10, 5-7pm | $60

    Uncover your hidden potential, release what no longer serves you and make room for the new you as we dive deep into a guided therapeutic practice that uses the #1 self-healing tool, BREATH! Breathwork is the key to relaxation. Many relaxation techniques such as Yoga, Meditation and Hypnosis all revolve around the breath. Lying comfortably, you will be guided through specific breathing patterns that amplify and strengthen your body's ability to relax and heal itself like never before. This practice uses Sound Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and gentle movements all to enhance your experience. Dress cozy and please bring along water, a yoga mat, blanket and pillow.
    Maximum 10 participants