Mat Storage

We are excited to offer our students the convenience of mat storage and cleaning! Not only that, if your mat is ever lost or stolen, we will replace it for you. We are happy to take one more thing off of your to-do list. Just show up for class, grab your freshly cleaned mat from your designated rack, enjoy your practice and then leave your mat at the front desk for us to take care of! We have 20 in-demand spots so review the details below and message us at if you are interested in taking advantage of the mat storage program!

How it works:

  1. Mat rental is $15 plus tax a month
  2. Email to secure your spot. Then, fill out an auto-renew contract for the space with the staff at the front desk next time you are in for a class. Minimum commitment is 4 months; after that it is month to month and you can cancel at any time.
  3. All mat spaces are numbered with a number assigned to you.
  4. When you come to class, grab your mat from your designated rack.
  5. After class, leave your mat with the front desk staff. 
  6. Mats will be fogged with organic, hospital-grade disinfectant Benefect, dried and then replaced to their spot. 
Sign up today at or